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Episode 9 Impressions: Rage of Bahamut: Genesis


The Royal Capital of Anatae is in a state of chaos as Amira executes her escape thanks to the efforts of Rita using her undead minions. However another force seems to be utilizing the chaos to execute his own plans. Read more »

Episode 9 Impressions: Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works


The first of seven Servants is now out of the picture and thus the battle has finally truly begun.  While Shinji remains alive, with commands in hand, can he honestly be completely out of the picture?
Read more »

Episode 9 Impressions: TERRAFORMARS


Adolf has quite a messed up past to look back to. Despite his efforts to forget the nightmares that follow him to Mars, he’s reminded during battle and unable to die. Read more »

Episode 9 Impressions: Sailor Moon Crystal


Tuxedo Mask is in danger as he sits lifeless in Sailor Moon’s arms. All hope seems lost and Kunzite still has his eyes set on the Legendary Silver Crystal. Read more »

Episode 9 Impressions: Terror in Resonance


Five doesn’t seem against the idea of playing dirty as she now uses Lisa as bait to lure Nine and Twelve out. While Nine holds to the plan, Twelve makes his move to go rescue Lisa. Read more »

Episode 9 Impressions: Barakamon


Handa’s deadline for the next exhibit is drawing near, and despite speaking highly of his current situation to his friends, he’s struggling to find that inspiration. Read more »

Episode 9 Impressions: Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun


The all too familiar rain scenario that is always present in shoujo manga. It’s not too much to ask for Sakura to get her wish for a romantic walk with Nozaki under an umbrella is it? Read more »

Episode 9 Impressions: Akame ga Kill!


Stormy waters are ahead for the Night Raid assassins. After having lost two members in quick succession, and the forming of a new lethal group under Esdeath’s command, could another casualty be around the corner? Is the Revolution still a realistic cause? Read more »

Episode 9 Impressions: Sword Art Online II


As Kirito’s friends get a live feed of the events unfolding during the GGO Bullet of Bullets, Kirito is faced with a disturbing occurrence that only solidifies his resolve. Read more »

Episode 9 Impressions: Aldnoah Zero


Out of the frying pan and into the fire as they say. Slaine Troyard, now free from his captivity, awakens to find himself in yet another potentially hostile environment. Only thanks to his father’s influence. Read more »