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Animecast: Galaxy Angel AA+S


Returning once again to the whacky Angel Brigade, the hosts of the Otaku Spirit Animecast take a look at Galaxy Angel AA and S to see what further mischief the team gets into now and if the series still holds up. Read more »

Animecast: Galaxy Angel A

The dive back into the space shenanigans of the Galaxy Angels continues as the Otaku Spirit Animecast tackles season 3 of the series. Listen in to find out what this third installment has to offer! Read more »

Animecast: Witch Hunter Robbing


After a month and a half, the hosts of the Animecast have quite some catching up to do in the news. Get your coffee ready and prepare yourself for the rundown! Read more »

Animecast: Galaxy Angel


The Galaxy Angel franchise had quite a following of dedicated fans back in the break of the 2000s. As Nozomi Entertainment brings this title back in the form of Blu-ray, does its humor and colorful cast still hold up to today’s standards? Listen and find out! Read more »