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Animecast: Spring 2014 Review Part 2


It’s that time again, another Animecast episode is here to kick off a second set of Spring 2014 anime reviews! It’s a special episode filled with gaming lolis, perverted manga artists, quests for papa limbs, gangster chefs, and relapsing amnesia. Read more »

One Week Friends Review


Every now and then a show comes along that manages to catch your eye and make you take notice.  It’s not another high action fight for humanity or an off the wall club show.  Just a show about someone trying to offer friendship.  Though with a twist, it becomes much more. Read more »

Episode 12 Impressions: One Week Friends


As things wrap up for the season, questions begin to arise from classmates as well as Fujimiya as to why Hase has chosen to distance himself from Fujimiya. While they aren’t on bad terms, it’s obvious things are different. Read more »

Episode 11 Impressions: One Week Friends


Sometimes the simplest of misunderstandings can be explained by just opening up to each other. However cercumstances beyond our control can sometimes hinder that. Leaving issues to fester and bonds to break. Read more »

Episode 10 Impressions: One Week Friends


It seems that after our previous episode, all the work that Hase has done had gone to waste.  In an instance, the arrival of a boy named Kujo Hajime had triggered some sort of episode in Fujimiya that reset her memory once more.   Read more »

Episode 9 Impressions: One Week Friends


Summer break is wrapping up, and with it the final rush to finish some last-minute homework for the group of friends in this story. While Kiryu and Fujimiya are obviously squared away, Hase and Yamagishi are almost a lost cause. Read more »

Episode 8 Impressions: One Week Friends


What better way to spend your summer vacation than to take a trip to the beach.  As Fujimiya and Hase deal with the summer heat, Fujimiya ends up recommending just that.  Though this isn’t the romantic getaway that Hase may want, but rather a group outing that will fill Fujimiya’s diary with irreplaceable memories. Read more »

Episode 7 Impressions: One Week Friends


As Hase and Fujimiya grow closer and closer, it seems that their efforts to help remedy Fujimiya’s memory loss have some shred of hope. Fujimiya no longer seems to have trouble spotting Hase, but rather faintly recognizes him even though she still has to read about him in her diary. Read more »

Episode 6 Impressions: One Week Friends


What better way to spend your Mother’s Day than to sit down with One Week Friends and hear the heartbreaking tale from the eyes of Fujimiya’s mother. Well, when you’re not spending time with your own mother that is. Without a doubt, moms know best. So get ready to get a little teary eyed as we get the origins to Fujimiya’s problems. Read more »

Cutest Characters: Spring 2014 Edition


Spring is touted as the season of New Beginnings as well as Love.  As new seasons begin in our anime world, so does it bring out new characters for us to fall in love with.  Either because they are adorable, lovable, or just plain irresistible. Read more »