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Episode 1 Impressions: Mekakucity Actors


SHAFT. It’s a name that brings with it a particular style and quirk that one can either appreciate or dislike. Head snaps, plain architecture, and long stretching dialog about simple things. In the case of episode 1 of Mekakucity Actors, we get a brief look into a new world that may be a bit too brief. Read more »

Episode 1 Impressions: Nanana’s Buried Treasure


A cute NEET ghost with a bundle of treasure hidden somewhere on an island. Who wouldn’t want to be bunked up with such a character? Apparently Yama Juugo. Thus opens the world of Nanana’s Buried Treasure and the insanity that will follow. Read more »

Episode 1 Impressions: Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara


Henneko brought an interesting take on the typical school comedy routine with its quirky set of abilities given to the main protagonist.  While My Mental Choices was an interesting follow-up to this concept, it fell short due to a un-evolving concept.  Hopefully Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara (or Gaworare), which is loosely translated If Her Flag Breaks, will prove to better this formula and not fall flat. Read more »

Episode 1 Impressions: Black Bullet


A viral outbreak, powerful girls that are able to defeat a threat, men assigned to guide those girls, girls being obsessed with their assigned men. Are we hitting any familiar tropes here? Black Bullet definitely borrows too much from other shows, however there does seem to be some elements worth noting buried deep within its flaws. Read more »

Episode 1 Impressions: Captain Earth


Mecha anime are quite a dividing subject of anime. You either dig them, or you don’t. Though when Studio Bones and Director Takuya Igarashi take on a project, no matter your alignment, you just have to take note. The question however becomes if this team can really create something that can set itself aside from the typical mecha stigma. Read more »

Episode 1 Impressions: One Week Friends


Tired of high action and typical comedy?  One Week Friends is here to break the mold and bring you down to earth.  With a tragic telling of a girl unable to retain the most cherished of memories, a boy aims to become her friend despite the hurdle placed before him. Read more »

Episode 1 Impressions: Brynhildr in the Darkness


From the same writer that brought us Elfin Lied comes Bynhildr in the Darkness. While Elfin Lied can be argued by many as a great series, the question is can this work differentiate itself from past work? With a story that seems to revolve around lab created super girls, one could begin questioning it. Read more »

Episode 1 Impressions: The Irregular at Magic High School


The subject of magic is an interesting realm in the world of writing.  Often taking the form of conflict and mystery.  While The Irregular at Magic High School is yet another take on conflict, its presentation and world design may in fact help it stand out from the crowd. Read more »