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Episode 5 Impressions: Sword Art Online II


While things have been pretty upbeat for Kirito during his first encounters in the world of GGO, it’s about to go real south as he enters the Bullet of Bullets competition and his identity comes under question. Read more »

Episode 4 Impressions: Sword Art Online II


The time has finally come!  Kirito makes his grand entrance into the world of Gun Gale Online, though some may argue that it wasn’t so much a grand entrance as his appearance may be a bit jarring to himself although not to others.. Read more »

Episode 3 Impressions: Sword Art Online II


With the arrival of a new character in the Sword Art Online series comes a bit of question as to why we would care for them. With so much put into Kirito and Asuna, spotlighting someone else will require some extra care. Luckily with episode 3, we get plenty of what we ask and then some. Read more »

Episode 2 Impressions: Sword Art Online II


After a very dialog filled first episode, one could have some fears for the second season of Sword Art Online as it dives into the Gun Gale Online arc. Even still, the second episode is here to deliver on more of the action side of things, but that may not be an entirely good thing. Read more »

Episode 1 Impressions: Sword Art Online II


All aboard the hype train.  Our heroes are back after only a year of rest to take on a new threat that faces the gamers of a new world created by the Seed.  In the wake of the not so wonderful Alfheim Online arc, one would begin to doubt if this series can pick itself back up. Though after throwing some theories through my head for this Gun Gale Online arc, and avoiding spoilers, I’m starting to get really hyped. Read more »